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   The New Job Search – Don’t waste your time figuring it out yourself.


Expert in the New Job Search: | Hire Sheri (Connect with  me through my Contact Page).


If you would like to get back in the game much faster (and make it fun while increasing your confidence), contact me!



Resume Critique

-  With my sharp professional eye, I will show you how to make over your resume into a powerful marketing tool that catches the eye of your future hiring manager and gets you back in the game fast.

Bullet-Proof Keywords

- Don’t waste time guessing. I will hand you your top keywords and show you where to place them and how to use them to sail past the applicant-scanning software and attract the recruiters on LinkedIn. I have produced    thousands of pages of SEO and strategic website copy for Fortune 50 companies and Internet start-ups.

LinkedIn Branding

- Most people have no idea how to present their personal brand effectively on LinkedIn.  I have award-winning skills that I employ to help you showcase your unique value proposition and skillset so your LinkedIn profile is working hard for you 24/7, bringing the recruiters and hiring managers to you.

Career Coaching

- I specialize in laser coaching to help identify the real obstacles stopping you from getting your next job and then create a simple but powerful action plan to help you get back on track super fast.


Sheri’s Secret Sauce:

Award-winning copywriter for Fortune 50 companies (experienced writer and account strategist)

Freelance Journalist for elite major media (broke in with precision, on-trend story pitches – skills I use to present your brand and skills)

#1 on Twitter in Tampa Bay for many months (Invited by Dell two years in a row to be part of their Customer Advisory Committee. Whether you are new or experienced in social media, I can show you a few simple strategies to help you get your job faster online  – with integrity.

Via GotoMeeting live consults, coached 1500+ job seekers in the last two years, while optimizing their LinkedIn profiles AND also delivering high-level, laser coaching to help them course correct quickly.

I have created a Killer Resume Training that combines the best and newest strategies on job search and is designed to not only help you get your next job much faster but also to help empower you to future-proof your career and lifestyle.

KILLER Resume Critiques – Career Coaching – Identify Your Bullet-Proof Keywords – Give me your Recruiter or Hiring Manager Feedback & Bring Me Your Worries & Questions & we’ll turn it around fast!

Let Your Personal Brand Shine through with Integrity!



Transform your Career Transition into an opportunity to create your desired lifestyle.

Whether you like the word JOB or loathe it, this is your time. Take stock and go after what you want. Get the job you desire or leave the workforce behind and finally start your own business. Do you want to: Get re-employed into the same position you had, relocate faster without interrupting your cash flow and career path trajectory,  upgrade your position, downsize your career or start or build up a new consulting business?

Would you like to know how to ERASE these job-seeking obstacles?

  • age discrimination
  • young professional job-hopping stigma
  • military-to-civilian transitioning
  • long-term unemployment
  • intermittent job history
  • job history interruption due to family health, higher education goals, raising children
  • desire to change fields
  • lack of industry experience

If you’ve been unemployed for more than a year, perhaps your goal is  just to get a job to get back in the game – - – to SKILL UP – which I highly recommend.

Secret: Face and Erase!  The first step is: KNOW WHERE YOU ARE.

Don’t stay stuck.

3 Top Resume-Writing Mistakes I See Executive Job Seekers Make Every Day (on resumes and on LinkedIn)

The #1 mistake I see executive job seekers make is – believe it or not … lack of career brand focus (& I have coached nearly 1,000 in setting up LinkedIn profiles over the last year.)

The #2 mistake – Not positioning relevant skillset

The #3 mistake – Not staying on-trend and demonstrating you are on top of your game

I was surprised by this, given the amount of free career search information on the Web.  As many of you have told me, it’s confusing to sort through the plethora of good, bad and 100% unique human-written (ugh – & most of you probably don’t know what I’m referring to here) content you “Google.”

Blog ideas for me:

When to tell when it’s your resume OR your job search strategy that’s giving you those lackluster results

Coming soon by request.

I will answer the top questions by clients I get asked every day.

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- creating your desired lifestyle
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- how to use a blog to stay on trend and build your career or business brand
- transforming your career transition into something exciting instead of something dreaded
- starting a new consulting / service business because you want to transition out of the corporate world
- mindset & health and wellness information because “The First Wealth is Health”— Ralph Waldo Emerson


Sheri Strykowski



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