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You have 7 seconds to make an impression.

Re-Imagine Your Job Search

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      ✔ Stand out from the crowd.

     ✔  Get more interviews.

     ✔  Receive “just right for you” job offers . . .

      Even an expensive, beautifully written and formatted, pristine resume can easily be discarded in seconds before it makes it to the hiring manager. A strategic personal-branded resume – the kind Sheri creates for you – mirrors and matches the tone of the employer, easily shows how you solve the problems in your industry and for the company and makes a striking impression. A coordinated LinkedIn profile can powerfully enhance  your online presence . . . and directly impact a recruiter or hiring manager’s decision to put your resume on the top candidate list – or the second tier pile. Why leave it to chance? If you’re to ready to transform your job search and open up to new, exciting career opportunities, CLICK HERE NOW to learn about Sheri’s DREAM JOB INTENSIVE!


Job Seeker Coach – VIP private consultations, Completed 2,000+ one-on-one LinkedIn optimizations/ mini consults

Journalist –  for major media / leading lifestyle & entertainment companies

ADDY Award-Winning Fortune 50 Senior Copywriter

Let’s get you in the door AND in position to accept that amazing job offer in the shortest time possible! Private, hands-on work with me via one-on-one GotoMeeting sessions AND I employ my award-winning writing skills to produce your career materials. You don’t need anything except a computer (and perhaps a phone if you like to connect to the audio that way.) Nothing cookie-cutter about this. Bring me your worries and challenges. Ignite Your Career Passion! Together we’ll:

  • erase your job search problems
  • get you back on track to step into a new job much sooner –  that fits your values, interests, “desired” challenges and paycheck targets!
  • answer your resume, career and LinkedIn questions so you feel calm and confident about the new job search
  • shapeshift your resume into a 24/7 marketing tool that works hard for you so you can feel excited about the possibilities and watch the interview requests roll in
  • shape a polished, professional LinkedIn profile that will make your online presence shine & attract invitations from top recruiters and your ideal future hiring manager candidates
  • get your marketing tools keyword-perfect to sail past the applicant-scanning software to get you in the door
  • send you back into the 2014 career marketplace with a simple, solid action plan & marketing tools that are designed to empower you to land the job of your dreams considerably faster as I have time and time again!


Testimonials (Privacy is respected.):

I can help you conduct a discreet job search if are looking for your dream job while still employed.

“I signed up for Sheri’s Dream Job Intensive Program in April, 2014 and I am very impressed by her services. 

First, she has the talent and professional instinct to identify your core value proposition PRECISELY in a very short time frame and summarize it in accurate and clear language. Then, she will develop a customized package to position you strategically. 

Second, Sheri not only teaches you how to update or customize your resume and LinkedIn profile; for me, the most important part is that she showed me how to THINK STRATEGICALLY. She always creates a short-term and long-term action plan after each session – that is designed to improve your areas of weakness and move you closer to your goals, step-by-step. 

Third, Sheri is always willing to go that extra mile to provide more insights, which I never realized or completely overlooked. That is an EXTRA VALUE-ADD to her signature program. 

Sheri is definitely a reliable and highly professional career expert that I would trust and recommend to others.”

LL, Canada
Senior Strategic Marketing Executive
April, 2014

August 2014
I’ve been working in my new position for two weeks and just love it! My new co-workers are wonderful to work with and the job gives me the opportunity to work with people from all kinds of different industries. After using Sheri’s Dream Job consultation service, I adapted her KEYWORD search analysis techniques to my resume customization and it was so valuable.


I took some time off to spend with my family. I then applied for a total of 9 jobs within 80 days, got three interview requests among them and I successfully landed a job that is a perfect fit for me within 1.5 months!

Client comment snippets about working with Sheri:

“an unexpected surprise”

“focused, fun and productive”

“Wow. Passion about my job. I’ve got it back.”

“You are really helping me step into my dreams one baby step at a time.”

“I feel much more confident about my job search now!”

More Testimonials to Come.


Completely customized to your pace and level.

Note: This program is based on my signature job search system that I have used throughout my entire professional career with a virtual 100 per cent success rate of getting the job I desire online (targeting 1 to 5 jobs).

The New Job Search – Don’t waste your time figuring it out yourself.

If you would like to get back in the game much faster (and make it fun while increasing your confidence), contact me today!  

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Tired of spinning your wheels trying to figure out the new job search? Sheri's DREAM JOB INTENSIVE is specially designed to streamline your path to career success!