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Wishing you could magically transform your overflowing small bedroom home office into a dreamy creative workplace?

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You can. I just did and on a small budget. I also did tons of research on the best strategies and tools on how to do that I’ll share with you.

I spent hours watching home organization videos from popular vloggers. I picked up some good ideas but mostly I saw expensive setups in spacious, gorgeous homes meticulously decorated, complete with shelving or other pieces put together by someone who knows how to use a drill or build furniture.

However, the NUMBER ONE QUESTION these content creators were asked from viewers was:

Can you give us organizational or decorating strategies for small spaces that are cheap or affordable and easy to put together?

As I am in the midst of setting up bedroom home office in a small space and on a budget, I thought I would share my top 18 cheap & chic ideas with you so you can get started organizing and creating your own beautiful small space right now.

Whether you’re setting up shop in your dorm room, carving out a space in your bedroom, kitchen or in a corner of your home for your side hustle, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the experience in your own custom-made girl boss office.

bedroom home office organization
bedroom home office lifestyle

I recently sold my condo and moved in with a friend for a while. I’m setting up a home office in a medium-sized bedroom with access to 1/2 a small closet. So I now get to enjoy loads of sunshine pouring in my window, a peaceful water view and I get to swim laps in a gorgeous pool every day so it makes it totally worthwhile.

I decided to take this downsizing opportunity to declutter and live lighter. I am in the process of passionately tackling the challenge of setting up this space as a bedroom/home office/craft workstation/workout room – a challenge to say the least.

I must add that because I have somehow become planner-addicted this last year, I now have tons of The Happy Planner and craft supplies that need nearly as much storage space as my clothing.

I wanted simple, pretty storage solutions that I could put together fast. Nothing that would require drilling or a lot of extra work.

I’m still in the process of creating my space but I’m excited to share with you some of the insanely awesome storage solutions and strategies I discovered.

1. Categorize all your bedroom home office items.

Separate bedroom home office items into categories and draw it up on a list. For me this meant:


  • Laptops
  • Computer equipment and accessories
  • Misc. blogging equipment (camera accessories, etc.)
  • Planners
  • Planner accessories
  • Home decor items
  • Office supplies
  • Craft supplies
  • Paperwork
  • Misc. items such as bright pink solo cups


  • Clothing (all categories)
  • Shoes
  • Makeup, nail polish, etc.
  • Personal items (i.e., sunscreen, moisturizer, etc.)
  • Bedding
  • Books
  • Wrapping paper, cards, etc.

2. Sketch out a new plan of bedroom home office organization.

Ok, this one is easier said than done. I don’t know about you but sometimes I just have to kind of mull it over in my head – the basic organization setup – and then just start doing it. I’m purposefully downsizing so decluttering and parting with as many items as I can is important so I’ll continue to declutter as I put things in their new places.

Since closet space is minimal, I have to get creative.

Once I split up my items into categories, I knew I needed as much compartmentalized storage space as possible. I ended up with two large thrift store dressers, one nine-drawer wood one and one tall wicker dresser, and one tall bookshelf, all of which I plan to paint bright white and add either crystal handles or black lacquered handles.

My basic set up is:

  • Tall Wicker Dresser: this dresser doubles a TV stand and its two bigger drawers will hold my basics: 1) shorts/yoga pants and 2) my tons of cami/tank tops. It’s hot here in Florida most of the year.
  • Closet Space: I hung my beachy sundresses, french terry pool dresses and going out dresses in my little closet space as well as hanging shoe bags for shoes, which is mostly high sandals and tons of good cute flip flops, small handbags and makeup bags, and a few pairs pairs of cute jeans and pants.
  • I got big covered bins for my winter clothes and put them in the back patio closet.

Next, I had to figure out a systems for all the different categories and items – which leads to 3. Baskets & Bins.

Who knew Baskets & Bins is an actual decorator’s secret.

Baskets and bins can be used in so many ways, I’m going to separate this idea into multiple tips.

3. Baskets & Bins – Tip #1: Use baskets and bins to sort items.

You can use baskets from the Dollar Store, Target or just extra baskets you might have on hand.

Just sort the items into big categories.

3. Baskets & Bins – Tip #2: Store any seasonal or items you don’t use right now in clear bins with lids with latches.

I found pretty 70 quart and 40 quart bins such as these bins I found on Amazon:


See more details here.

I looked for either clear, black and white, turquoise or pink.


I guess the real secret is to get matching baskets that or complementary to your style and color scheme. This pulls your whole look together.

And the key is bedroom office peace to create a system of organization with those baskets.

Pretty hanging bags helped a lot. It’s hard to find hanging bags in cute prints or even black and white or pink. They usually have brown and olive in the stores. I found zebra print and hot pink at Big Lots.

I have a lot of sandals with high heels and I discovered they fit nicely in hanging sweater bags. I also have a lot of aforementioned cute nicer flip flops and of course, they fit in regular size shoe bags.

If you, like I, like white, pink, or turquoise you can search for girl’s items. Here’s some cute ones I found on Amazon.









Multi-Functional Desk

Choose a sleek two-in-one engineered wood desk like this white one that features a space-saving built-in open bookcase shelf. I saw the 47″ size sale for $129, which is a steal. This simple but sturdy piece works as an office desk, study or craft station or a table. It got rave reviews on Amazon. In every review I read, the purchaser noted that this desk is easy to assemble, which is something I always look for. But what I love about this selection is that for only about $70 extra, you can have someone assemble it for you.

The sturdy metal legs are adjustable and this desk is constructed with a thicker desktop.

Between the desk surface and the open bookshelf, there’s plenty of room to hold your laptop, office or craft accessories and even a bouquet of fresh flowers.

White Baskets with Covers


After spending some quality time with Google, Pinterest and YouTube, it became clear that a Baskets and Bins are a top storage solution for designers and home decor vloggers.

Last summer I found beautiful polyester cloth-like bins at Five Below for five bucks each. I loved them. I purchased two black and two white. I decided I needed to get a bunch more but alas this year FB did not offer black or white colors.  I found a six-pack of of the same black bins at Big Lots but I wanted more in white.

I finally found two different types of sets of basket bins only from Amazon that look stunning and were a good price. It’s amazing matching baskets and bins  pull together the whole room with a designer look. I’ll try to take some pics when I’m finished decorating and painting.

I love these covered baskets to hide away in plain sight clunky larger items such as my scanner or to organize a mish mash of items, for example, for my dog such as her cute harnesses and dresses, supplements, leashes and toothwash.


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