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Let’s Get Organized

If you are in Year 1 of starting a new blog or business, you are likely adding more and more items to your to do list, Googling night and day, researching all the things and probably purchasing too many courses. The overwhelm is real.

You are not alone.

I have spent years researching, learning, trying new things, joining all the Facebook groups and buying all the things. Courses, tools, apps, design assets, memberships . . . there’s always a bright, shiny new thing to distract.

Along the way I’ve also developed marketable skills – – – first while working full time in marketing and IT in corporate during the day and working as a freelance writer/journalist at night and during weekends, then later as a full time freelance writer, social media consultant and most recently as a LinkedIn coach for executive job searchers. I’ve worked for and coached many clients and now I’m excited to build my own blog from scratch.

More and more women just like you and me are taking the leap to start their own business. Whether it’s providing services, blogging, opening an Etsy or Creative Market shop or becoming a course creator, there are plenty of different ways to start an online business.

I know some of the big bloggers make it look easy and say anyone can do it, but those who stay in the game work hard, stay focused and never give up despite twists and challenges. Every single one of my mentors started out doing something online other than what they are doing today.

The important thing is to get started.

Here are my perfectly imperfect top 10 tips for new bloggers to get organized.

Best Tips to Get Organized for New Bloggers

Tip#1: Start the Day in the Right Mindset

Start the day with gratitude and affirmations.

Putting yourself in a positive state of mind as soon as you wake up will help you organize your thoughts and set the tone for the entire day.

If you, like me have a block when it comes to writing affirmations, I’ll share with you my little secret: Louise Hay, motivational author.

You can just click on this link and bookmark it to access her free “Daily Affirmations.”

Here’s an example:

I will be forever grateful for Louise Hay for her lovely spirit and words of wisdom.

In fact, I keep these beautiful Power Cards by Louise Hay on my desk so I can pull one each day for fresh inspiration.

Jennifer Lopez wrote in her book “True Love” that she wanted to do a project with Louise Hay on self esteem for mothers and daughters. Louise politely declined as she told Jennifer that she (JLo) had other things to do. Oh, that would have been an awesome project. I’ve always admired Jennifer Lopez and that made me like her even more.

Tip #2. Pick a Niche Fast (You can always change it.)

I’m going to give you some quick tips on things I’ve learned about choosing a niche. Then I’m going to give you a link to a blog post on how to choose a narrow enough niche that has good potential for success.

  • Pick a Niche within seven days. Just get started. Get in the game and you’ll start to trust your own instincts about what to do next.
  • Set up a simple blog and start blogging about your niche immediately. Done is better than perfect. Every mentor of mine has changed their niche at least once. How are you going to find your people if you don’t get started?
  • After some preliminary checking, choose the niche or topic that you are excited about because you will need that passion to keep you motivated during the many, many, many hours of work you put in possibly before you make any money. Marie Forleo (who was my first teacher way back in 2009) has said that she has seen so many people waste a lot of time not going for what they really want. Go for it! As Marie says, “Everything is figureoutable.”
  • If you really can’t pin down a niche, just use your name for your blog and start blogging on different topics under a broad topic such as a mommy blog where you can write about a huge variety of topics until you get traction and see what resonates with your readers. I see more and more successful bloggers changing their blog name to their name or wishing they could as they feel locked in to their original blog name.

Tip #3. Side Hustle First.

Find a way to support yourself while you are building your dream business. This way you can take it step by step, build a support system and test things out without too much pressure. This will give you lots of confidence.

I held a full-time job down while freelancing for years. I finally found a way to freelance full time because I temped, networked and hustled until I found a long-term social media consulting position with flexible hours where you could work from home and then a year later I started taking private coaching clients as well.

Tip #4. Don’t Compare Yourself.

You will hear practically every single successful blogger tell you that they still have to tell themselves not to compare their business to a competitor’s. I love the way Suzi Whitford from Start a Mom Blog puts it: Don’t compare your Day 1 to someone else’s Day 1000. – Suzi W.

Tip #4: Top 3 List

I have purchased a lot too many of ebooks, courses and joined memberships and I will mention some of those courses and mentors in future blog posts but one of my favorites is the aforementioned Suzi Whitford of Start a Mom Blog.


Tip #5: to come

Coming soon

Tip #5: Make Lists!

coming soon

Tip #5: Sleep Sweetly, Rise early

To combat overwhelm, get enough sleep. Turn off all the social and Netflix and go to bed one hour earlier.

Tip #6: Set a.m. and p.m. routines

Establish a simple morning and evening routine to set the tone for the day and the next day. – Kailie R.

Tip #7: Braindump + Top 3

Braindump everything you have to do one one page. Create a new To Do list the next day working from the Top 3. – Shasa Buchanan

Tip #8: Visualize a Zero Inbox

To keep a clear head, ff you can do Inbox Zero, select and archive all your gmails every morning so you can at least see Inbox Zero lol. – Amber L.

Tip #9: Stop Buying Courses!

Make this a no-spend month when it comes to courses. Pick one course and IMPLEMENT everything you can before you purchase a new course. – Tamra C.

Tip #10: Breathe

Take at least one day off of working. Remember why you are doing this. To have a better life. – Jill T.

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