Hello! I’m Sheri.

I’m an escapee from the corporate world.

Welcome to my little piece of the Internet! I’ve learned so much since 2009 when I finally was able to leave my day job to freelance – and couldn’t be happier.

I live in sunny Florida and when I’m not at my laptop, I can usually be found running errands with my mischievous rescue, Bella, or hanging out in the sunshine.

Here’s a list of my go-to dog-friendly stores: Ross, TJ Maxx, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Joann and Michael’s and of course, PetSmart.

I just launched my little creative blog to share tips and hacks on first steps, graphics, inspiration and productivity for new female entrepreneurs and bloggers.

I’m whipping up some cute free printables and plan to share lots of goodies and hacks, tutorials and reviews for those in their first year of blogging.

If you are a new blogger or new lady boss, stay in touch! Join us as we go through this journey together.

xo Sheri

My background is in Social Media Education, Copywriting & Journalism.

Consultant: As a Dream Job Coach and LinkedIn specialist, I’ve coached 2000+ mostly executive job seekers seeking to leverage LinkedIn for career opportunities and strategic networking. If any of my executive or professional friends happen to stop by this page, feel free to say hey. I still have a waiting list to work through, but let me know if you are interested in receiving any information on any job search, resume training or consulting services, if I do open up these services again.

Writer/Marketer: I enjoyed my work as an Fortune 50 Senior Copywriter and Account Strategist and in the various marketing positions I held – – – but I felt trapped in the 9-5, or more often 8:30am to 7pm, 8pm … or later – or even until midnight a few times. Even though you’ll likely work a lot of hours as a freelancer or a course creator when you are first starting out, LIFE IS SO MUCH SWEETER.

Journalist – Love it and always will. For now, story ideas shooting out of my head in flow state are shapeshifting into blog post ideas galore as I finally start this blog for new female entrepreneurs

As a journalist and content producer, I have covered:
• small business strategies
• health, nutrition, fitness
• lifestyle
• shelter (home and real estate)
• social media marketing
• HR trends (SHRM, HR Technology, HRevolution)

Media List Includes:
• Paramount Pictures
• eDiets
• WebMD
• Chicago Tribune
• National Safety Council
• HGTV.com
• LifetimeTV.com
• WeightWatchers.com
• Self
• Selected by Dell from Twitter to participate in inaugural Customer Advisory Panel (DellCAP) event – June 17, 2010 & 2011